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Full Service Web Hosting

Insight Hosting

Like our name suggests, Insight Hosting can help provide you with valuable Insights into your online presence and marketing strategy. One of the first steps towards achieving a strong online presence is with a good mobile friendly website backed by a reliable hosting plan. Our philosophy is to help our clients at every step of the hosting process, it's what we call "Full Service" hosting. We will help you pick a domain name, and take you right through the process of launching a live website complete with analytics to measure your website's performance. If you are concerned about all of the technical aspects of managing a website, let us help make the process a smooth one for you. We'll work closely with you to make sure the whole process makes sense, and the final result meets your requirements.

Responsive Design

If you are looking to take your existing website to the next level, we can help you by building a responsive website that looks good on any type of device especially phones and tablets. A responsive website adapts the layout of the site to accommodate the device size that is viewing the website. By adjusting the content to the device, the user is given a better experience using the website. With a better website experience, the user is able to engage more with your website. Below is a sample of how a responsive website adjusts to different devices.

Responsive Website

Responsive websites can also make it easier for users to interact with your website including filling out forms and giving you feedback. Contact Us to discuss a responsive website design for your organization.

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