Exchange Email Hosting

Exchange Email Hosting

Email Made Simple

Despite all of the changes in the way we communicate electronically, email has remained a critical tool for almost every organization. Even though there have been many improvements in the way we manage our email, using email effectively is often a big challenge for most people. With the explosive growth of smart phones and tablets, we are now accessing our email from many devices, which has further complicated the email management process. To address these challenges we offer a premium email service through the Office 365 platform which uses the Exchange email protocols. We offer this product at a very competitive price with all of our website hosting packages.

Price: $4.90 / month

Per Mailbox
With this email platform, you can have all of your devices synchronized. As an example, if you were to receive an email on one device it would be in your inbox on all of your other devices, and likewise if you were to send an email from one device it would also appear in your sent items folder on all of your other devices. Synchronizing all of your devices helps you manage your email far more efficiently. The same synchronization features work with your contacts, calendars and tasks as long as your device supports it. Setting up your email on a new or existing device is also a breeze with the built in auto-configure service. For most devices, setup is as simple as entering your email address and password.

Our premium email service also features state of the art spam and virus filtering to protect your email and your devices. If you are on the go and need to access your email from a web browser, we've got you covered with our mobile-friendly webmail interface. Email has never been this easy!

Exchange Email Features

Storage Capacity 50 Gb
Max Message Size 25 Mb
Full Service Support Included
Auto Configure Service Included
Device Synchronization Included
Anti-Spam Filtering Included
Anti-Virus Filtering Included
Web Based Access Included
Exchange Support Included
POP/IMAP/SMTP Support Included
Out of Office Assistant Included
Email Forwarding Included
Distribution Lists Included
Shared Calendars Included
Administration Tools Included
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