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Business Class Website Hosting

Business Class Website Hosting

At Insight Hosting, we deliver business class hosting to keep your website running efficiently. If you want a host that will take care of all the details for you, from domain registration or transfer right through to a live website - you have found what you are looking for. Most people do not have the time or the inclination to try and learn all of the nuances of setting up and managing a website. We specialize in taking our clients through the process right from start to finish, and we look after everything for you. If you are feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of setting up a website or redesigning your existing site, we'll make your experience a breeze!

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Website Hosting Packages

Our website hosting packages include all of the essentials to make your website great, but it doesn't stop there, we also include many additional features that will make website management easier for you. Our team will set everything up for you, and show you how to do the tasks that you would prefer to do yourself. Our hosting packages are designed with features that ensure your website keeps running smoothly, and is properly maintained. We can even configure and integrate Google Analytics into your website for you.

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Website Hosting Options

If you require some extra bells and whistles, we can help you find the perfect solution for the problem you are trying to solve. We offer many additional options from our Website Update Service right through to Search Engine Optimization. At Insight Hosting, we are your one stop shop for a professional online presence. If there is something very specific that you are looking for, and you can't find it on our website - use our online contact form to drop us a note, and chances are we can probably offer a solution.

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Exchange Email Hosting

Email is a critical tool for almost every organization, but managing email effectively can be challenging. Our Exchange Email platform makes email management a joy. Our platform allows you to synchronize all of your devices from your smartphone to your tablet to your desktop. Anything you do on one device is automatically replicated to the others. You can also synchronize your calendars, contacts and tasks. Our system features state of the art virus and spam filtering, backed by a world class data centre. Automated configuration makes setting up new devices a breeze. Email has never been this easy!

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E-Commerce Solutions

If your website requires an e-commerce component to take orders, or a full shopping cart to support an online store - we have custom e-commerce solutions that can be integrated into the existing look and feel of your website. Many times it is difficult to get all of the functionality you require from a cookie cutter e-commerce shopping cart system. Our e-commerce solutions allow complete customization so that your store works exactly how you want it to. Our team will take you through the entire process of customizing your e-commerce website so you don't have to worry about wasting time trying to learn how to customize a template based shopping cart.

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High Performance Databases

If your website needs to save data from your clients, or if you need to able to update data that is presented on your website such as real estate listings or other types of product lists, you will likely require a database backend for your website. Our high performance databases allow you to manage your data through an intuitive, easy-to-use web-based interface. All of our database systems can be customized to show and edit your data just the way you want. Your data is protected with backups, and redundant hard drives to prevent data loss. Let us take a complex data management task, and make it into something simple for you to manage.

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Cloud Services

With our cloud services, you can get rid of software and servers that you are maintaining yourself and move them to the cloud. By running your software and servers in the cloud, you can elliminate the expense of having to support those items in house. Imagine not having to worry about your next server upgrade. You can also run your corporate email systems from the cloud as well as Intranet websites such as Sharepoint technologies. If you want to learn more about cloud computing opportunities that could benefit your organization, please contact us.

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